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Sexual Assault Prevention Committee

To guide the state of Tennessee toward a primary prevention approach to end sexual violence and establish a culture that is intolerant of sexual and relationship violence.

The Sexual Assault Prevention Committee (SAPC) is a multi-disciplinary committee created in partnership with the state of Tennessee Department of Health. The SAPC was created to help expand and lead primary prevention efforts to reduce and ultimately end sexual violence in the state of Tennessee. The SAPC includes Coalition staff, victims advocates, university staff and faculty, and Department of Health staff from across Tennessee. The SAPC meets bi-monthly to work on special projects guiding prevention efforts across the state, discuss our successes and challenges, build partnerships, and educational opportunities. The projects include expanding the Safe Bar program, creating online prevention trainings, helping to connect student activists with support and resources in their communities, and networking.

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To continue evaluation of the state's prevention work to promote robust efforts.

To support trainings, technical assistance, and create a culturally comprehensive framework for effectively preventing violence at all levels of the Socio-Ecological Model.

To collaboratively engage and assist community stake holders, across the grand regions, in the implementation of sexual assault prevention efforts.


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