Bystander Intervention Project

The Tennessee Bystander Project is a collaboration between the Tennessee Coalition to End Domestic & Sexual Violence and the Tennessee Department of Health.

The goal of the project is to provide communities across Tennessee with a variety of resources on bystander intervention.

The mission of Safe Bar is to work with community bars and restaurants across Tennessee in raising awareness about alcohol's role in sexual assault, engaging bar owners and staff in bystander intervention, connecting bar staff with their local sexual assault programs, and helping them become partners in preventing sexual assault in their communities.  Safe Bar training was developed by a partnership between the state of Tennessee Department of Health, the Coalition, and the Sexual Assault Center of Middle Tennessee. 

Safe Bar
Sexual Assault Prevention Committee

The Sexual Assault Prevention Committee (SAPC) is a multi-disciplinary committee created in partnership with the state of Tennessee Department of Health. The SAPC was created to help expand and lead primary prevention efforts to reduce and ultimately end sexual violence in the state of Tennessee. The SAPC includes Coalition staff, victim advocates, university staff and faculty, and Department of Health staff from across Tennessee. The SAPC meets bi-monthly in Nashville to work on special projects guiding prevention efforts across the state. These projects include expanding the Safe Bar program, creating online prevention trainings, and helping to connect student activists with support and resources in their communities. 

The SAPC is seeking engaged community members, especially students, to join the committee! Email Emily Kessinger at for more information. 

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Campus Round Tables are opportunities for student leaders activists to network with campus staff mentors, share their concerns with faculty and staff, and open a dialogue around prevention on their campus. These open conversations can help students and staff/faculty collaborate to plan and create prevention campaigns and programs for their campus.

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