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College Students

College may be the first time you are living on your own without the presence or guidance of your parents/guardians. It's possible you are experimenting more socially, intimately, and sexually.

Bachelor Party Tailgate

You may also be experimenting with alcohol and drugs for the first time. Alcohol and drugs do not cause sexual assault, but are often used as a weapon or to facilitate sexual violence.

Practicing Consent

The absence of 'no' does not mean yes.

Never try to convince or guilt someone into giving you an answer you want to hear.

"I really like this, would you be okay with doing this too?"

Ask permission before you send someone a nude photo.

"Would you be okay with me posting this photo of us online?"

If your partner seems unsure play it safe and do not go further. Ask them what they would like or are comfortable with.

Ask yourself: How might my actions make someone feel?

"Do you want to have sex or would you rather cuddle tonight"

If you are unsure, it is okay to say no. Saying no can be difficult, but it shows you respect them and yourself.

Incapacitated, asleep, or unconscious does not equal consent. 

What you do matters. The actions you take to intervene or speak up do make a difference. You may not change an outcome, but people will see you and hear you. We are trying to change our communities and our culture. Learning more about consent, healthy relationships, and bystander intervention will help to give you the tools and skills you need. We empower you to become a part of the solution.
Share your story. Share your experience. We want to hear from you and learn from you. Your perspective and your voice is invaluable in this work. Find ways to actively engage and join us in preventing sexual violence. We 

Staying Safe

Group Discussion
Group of Female Friends


Know your resources.


Stay alert. Take care of the people around you.


Be careful about posting your location.


Make others earn your trust.


Be secure.

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Best Friends

Additional Resources

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