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Sexual Assault Prevention and Education



Rape Prevention and Education

This website was created for students, young people, community members, and community organizations to find resources and get involved. We offer a variety of resources and trainings around healthy relationships, primary prevention, consent, and bystander intervention. 


Primary Prevention Education and Awareness

Rape Prevention Education Institute

Annual Statewide Rape Prevention and Education Institute reflects a commitment to the prevention of domestic and sexual violence and the creation of a culture of consent.

Safe Bar

Safe Bar is a new initiative being implemented in collaboration with sexual assault centers, health departments, and community organizations to create a safe nightlife throughout the state of Tennessee.


University of Tennessee Martin Student

This was an awesome experience because I learned a lot of things that I didn’t previously know about bystander intervention.

RPE Institute 2021 Attendee

"I loved this conference's programming, networking, and MASSAGES!!!!"

Walters State Community College Student Athlete

If someone needs my help, I feel more comfortable after this training to take action.

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