Sexual AssaultĀ 

Sexual assault is a basic term that can used to describe a lot of different crimes where sex is used as a weapon. It refers to any nonconsensual sexual contact, threats or talk. Sexual assault is about violence and power, and it happens when sex is used to humiliate, intimidate, instill fear or cause pain. It almost always involves some use of threat or force and is a crime. Sexual Assault includes

Stalking is intentionally and repeatedly following and/or harassing another person in a way that causes that person fear. Stalking can happen online as well. Many stalkers use the internet and social media to help keep tabs on or harass their victims.

Incest is any sexual activities forced onto a person by a family member.

Molestation refers to sexual contact between an adult and a child. Molestation can never be consensual, and is always illegal.

Human trafficking is the transportation of people who are bought and sold for forced sexual activities.

Rape is nonconsensual or forced sex. Both coercion and force could be used to commit or attempt rape. Rape includes vaginal, anal and/or oral penetration, male and female victims, and heterosexual and homosexual contact.



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